Mission and Vision

Environmental Policy

The Serra do Loureiro Estate is commonly believed to have originated from the Palma County. It belonged to Maria Cândida Ferreira Braga, the Baroness of São Romão, and to José Maria dos Santos, her husband. José Maria Romão was a veterinarian but also the largest farmer of that time, having produced the largest forest of aligned cork-trees in the world, planted among the vines so that the cork could be explored after the harvesting of the grapes.

After the death of his wife, José Maria Martins became the sole owner of the Palma Estate  so, when he died in 1913, the Estate was inherited, by will, by D. Maria Cândida São Romão Posser de Andrade, his only granddaughter from his first marriage, and her husband José Maria Posser de Andrade.

After the death of the two heirs, in the 20s and 30s of the last century, their sons João São Romão Posser de Andrade, António São Romão Posser de Andrade and José São Romão Posser de Andrade inherited one third of the property each.
In 1943 a private limited company was created – the Sociedade Agrícola da Herdade de Palma. In 1959 it was transformed into a Corporation.

In 1975 the Estate was nationalized and thus became State Property. However, in 1993 it was returned to the rightful heirs  of the family and divided in several parcels by the shareholders at the time. Nineteen properties were then created, one of them belonging to João Posser de Andrade, Engineer. After a period of development and investment in the forest production, João Posser de Andrade sold his share – the Serra do Loureiro Estate – to ROSLAGSVIA, a company from Viana do Castelo.