Sado Region – Blue Coast









The Estate is three kilometers away from the Palma village, in the Alcácer do Sal council, within the Setúbal district. This was a great area of both farming and animal production with vast fields of rice and wheat.

The council is crossed by the Sado River estuary with an area of about 1500 km2 and is part of the Blue Coast Tourism Region – a public regional organization that intervenes in the Tourism cluster. Its major geographic references are the Tagus River, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Alentejo Waterfront. The main tourist attractions of the Blue Coast are the sun, sea, golf and business meetings and congresses. There are other less developed tourist products, like the nature and environment, the wine rout, the gastronomy, the heritage and the cultural and popular events.

Most of the population that lives in the Palma village works mainly in agriculture, there are people who are dedicated to raising livestock (cows and sheep), and others who are dedicated solely to rice production.

The visitor of the region will certainly enjoy the council’s attractions like its gastronomy and its nature, architecture and historic heritage.